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Welcome to BevZero’s Non-Alcoholic White and Private Label Wine Programs!

BevZero partners with entrepreneurs, brand owners, retailers, hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, and airlines looking to add non-alcoholic wine products to their offerings.

Are you looking to enter the rapidly growing market of non-alcoholic wines with your unique brand? BevZero’s Non-Alcoholic White and Private Label Wine Programs are your ideal solution. With our state-of-the-art technology and prime locations in the world’s premier wine-growing regions, we ensure the highest quality of dealcoholized wine, maintaining the rich aroma and flavor profiles that wine connoisseurs love. Additionally, our expert team can help you to develop and fine-tune the product and package you envision. We offer 2 programs to enter the NA market, that are easy as 1-2-3!

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White Label Program

  • Choose from available products: Don’t want the hassle of product formulation, choose from one of our amazing ready-to-go products – Just add your own label. BevZero sources wine from the premiere growing regions in order to create these available, non-exclusive products.
  • Speed to Market: Our efficient production process ensure that your branded non-alcoholic wine reaches the market quickly, allowing you to capitalize on emerging trends and consumer demands.
  • Increased Profitability:  With a lower cost of entry, white label wine can be offered to customers at a much lower price than name brands.
  • Economical: Without the need for formulation or other upfront investments the white label program option can be more economical.

Private Label Program

  • Customized Brand Creation: Do you prefer to create your own product? Launch your own brand of non-alcoholic wine with ease. Our private label program allows you to add your personal touch to a high-quality dealcoholized wine product, ensuring your brand stands out in the market. At the end of development, you own an exclusive product formulation.
  • Diverse Selection for wine base: Choose from a wide range of wine styles to suit your brand’s image and your customers’ preferences. Whether you prefer reds, whites, or rosés, we have something for everyone. With BevZero’s ability to source base wine products worldwide there are lots of options!
  • Flexible Packaging Options: Select from various packaging solutions to align with your brand identity and market needs, including cans and bottles, as well as still and sparkling.
  • Co-packing partners: BevZero will identify and manage the scheduling and co-packing of production and packaging runs, preparing your product for market.
  • Ownership of IP: With BevZero’s Private Label program you will receive all specifications and information about your exclusive formulation at the end of the developent process.

BevZero’s Non-Alcoholic White and Private Label Wine Programs offer an unparalleled opportunity for entrepreneurs, brands, retailers, and wine sellers to tap into the expanding non-alcoholic wine industry. With our expertly crafted, dealcoholized wines, you can launch a brand that resonates with consumers seeking healthier, alcohol-free alternatives without compromising on taste or quality.

Why Choose BevZero's Program?

  • Advanced Technology: Our proven process and technologies gently remove alcohol from the wine without compromising its delicate flavors and aromas. This ensures a premium non-alcoholic wine experience for your customers.
  • Global Reach, Local Expertise: With facilities in the most renowned wine regions globally, we bring a mix of international expertise and local knowledge to every bottle.
  • Ease of Market Entry: With BevZero, you bypass the complexities of wine production. We handle everything from sourcing high-quality grapes to bottling, leaving you to focus on marketing and sales.
  • Reduced Risk: Launching a non-alcoholic wine line with BevZero minimizes the risks typically associated with new product development, thanks to our proven expertise, technologies and established infrastructure.
  • Speed to Market: Our streamlined process , provides you with a finished product to quickly respond to market trends and consumer demands.
  • Support and Guidance: Our team of experts will guide you through every step, from the initial program choices, to wine selection, and packaging and co-packer options..

Join the Non-Alcoholic Revolution

Seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of the non-alcoholic wine movement with BevZero. Whether you’re an established brand looking to expand your portfolio or an entrepreneur venturing into the wine industry, our White Label and Private Label Wine Programs offer the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Join Us Today

Embark on a journey with BevZero to revolutionize the non-alcoholic wine industry. Our team is dedicated to supporting you at every step.

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Need help choosing what is better for you – White or Private Label?

White label and private label products are similar concepts, but there are some differences in their usage and implications. Ultimately, the choice between white label and private label depends on the customer’s goals, level of control desired, and the target market. Each model has its own advantages, and the decision often involves weighing factors such as customization, exclusivity, and time to market. Here’s a break down of the key differences and benefits:

canva whiteLabel Definition

  • White Label: A white label product is a generic product created by BevZero and sold to various customers who can then rebrand it as their own. The product is identical, regardless of the brand it carries.
  • Private Label: Private label products are developed for and sold exclusively by a specific customer. The customer has control over various aspects, such as formulation, branding, design, and packaging.

Branding and Customization

  • White Label: Limited customization options. The product is already developed, and customers can only put their brand on it without making significant changes.
  • Private Label: More extensive customization opportunities. Customers can work closely with BevZero to tailor the product to their specifications, including formulation, and packaging.


  • White Label: Not exclusive to any specific customer. The same product can be sold by multiple customers under different brands.
  • Private Label: Exclusive to the customer.

Control and Ownership

  • White Label: Customer does not own the formula, only the brand.
  • Private Label: Customer has ownership of formula and brand.

Time to Market

  • White Label: Faster time to market since the product is already developed and ready for rebranding.
  • Private Label: Takes longer to bring the product to market due to the customization and development process.


  • Cost-Effective: Both models can be cost-effective, but white label products often require less upfront investment.
  • Quick Entry to Market: White label allows for a speedy entry into the market since the product is already available.
  • Brand Control: Private label provides greater control over branding and product specifications.
  • Exclusivity: Private label products are exclusive, where as White Label products are non-exclusive.

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