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Malus Infused Cider Case Study

Malus Non-Alcoholic Cannabis-Infused Cider

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Services: Formulation, Dealcoholization

Extraordinary cannabis-infused beverages are forged through attention to detail. No corners cut. No component sacrificed. Ingredients, flavors, and effects act as equal partners in the overall experience. Malus was carefully sourced and formulated – to deliver fast-acting, consistent, and delicious results that just make you feel good. Malus is a cannabis-infused cider created by beverage incubator, Harmony Craft Beverages. Brewed from nature, Malus is a deliciously drinkable blend of apple and cannabis flavors. Added bonus: Malus is the first beverage to use cannabis live resin.

The Challenge

Harmony Craft Beverages needed a partner to assist with creating the ultimate cannabis-infused alcohol-removed cider. With significant dealcoholization and formulation experience, BevZero was the right partner.

The Solution

As the product development and dealcoholization expert with over 30 years of experience, BevZero formulated the cider so that it would have the ideal flavor profile to pair with the cannabis single-strain live resin. BevZero’s advanced dealcoholization technology removed the alcohol leaving the cider to be infused with pure live resin.

The Results

The result was an alcohol-removed cider that maintains its delicious flavor.


Harmony Craft Beverages came to BevZero with the concept in 2019, and the team worked together to formulate the brand. After several iterations, the formula achieved the well-balanced results they were looking for and launched the product into the market in 2021.