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BevZero is a global leader in beverage services, equipment, expertise and innovative solutions.

Our History

BevZero was founded over 30 years ago by Tony Dann (under the ConeTech brand) with a singular mission, to bring an innovative solution to the wine industry. Since pioneering a process in 1991 using vacuum distillation for alcohol removal in wine, hundreds of winemakers around the globe have used our innovative solutions as a standard winemaking tool to remove excessive alcohol from traditionally alcoholic beverages without the slightest loss of aroma or flavor.

With the introduction of new patented dealcoholization equipment and processes, BevZero has grown to become the world leader for innovative solutions and streamlined supply-chain processes for low- and non-alcoholic, and infused functional beverages across beer, wine, cider and spirits. BevZero provides the services and solutions to create the highest quality low and alcohol-free beverages for our clients, eliminating their need for costly infrastructure and equipment, navigating complex regulations and licensing processes, and extensive development work.

BevZero, headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, employs a team of dedicated winemakers, brewers, distillers and food scientists in the U.S. Spain and South Africa, and serves as a one-stop shop for beverage brands of all sizes to take a product from brainstorm to bottle, producing the highest quality low and no-alcohol and infused functional beverages.

Our Values

Quality Service

Quality Service

We are obsessively focused on the quality of our technology and service.

Science-based Approach

Science-based Approach

We are committed to investing into our people, approach and underlying technology portfolio to drive innovations for our clients and end consumers.



Since inception we have aimed to be a trusted source for our clients and a trusted ally of our partners.

Strong Relationships

Strong Relationships

Our vast network of relationships is the lifeblood of our brand. We have built deep rooted relationships with our clients, partners and Trade.

Our Future

Market trends show consumers moving toward healthier alternatives in lieu of traditional alcoholic beverages, as well as immense consumer interest in THC, CBD and other infused functional beverages. Our mission over the next 30 years is to continue to leverage our expertise, efficient processes and innovative equipment to enable customers to capitalize on these trends and successfully enter the market with the highest quality non-alcoholic beers, wines, ciders and spirits. With the creation of premium, high-quality no-alcohol, low alcohol and infused products, our goal is to redefine the drinking public’s relationship with social beverages for a healthier, more interesting and uplifted future.

BevZero will continue to use its expertise in formulation, supply chain management and exclusive access to advanced equipment to expand its consulting, advisory and equipment offerings throughout key markets where the opportunity to deliver premium low and no-alcohol wine, beer, and other non-alcoholic functional beverages continues to grow.


Why BevZero

We’re Experts In The Field

BevZero’s extensive winemaking, brewing, and food science expertise provides streamlined and effortless supply-chain solutions for non-alcoholic beer, wine, cider and spirits, whether for conventional markets or emerging cannabis or hemp-infused beverage markets. BevZero clients have access to our global network of vendors for quality beer, wine, cider and spirits, as well as access to licensed co-packers and water-soluble active ingredient vendors in the non-alcoholic and cannabis infused beverage industries.

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Why BevZero

We’re a Partner You Can Trust

Benefits of working with us…
  • Experienced team of innovators including enologists, brew masters, chemists, and food scientists.
  • Global beverage industry insights with local execution.
  • Proprietary processes and equipment.
  • Speed to market.
  • On-demand expert service instead of investment into costly infrastructure and equipment.
  • Federal regulatory compliance.
  • Access to infused and alcohol co-packers.
  • Access to vendors of water-soluble active ingredients derived from hemp or cannabis.
  • One-stop provider from ideation to shelf-ready products.
  • One-stop-shop for a variety of winemaking services.


BevZero and You

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