Our Background

BevZero provides innovative solutions and streamlined supply processes for non-alcoholic and cannabis-infused beer, wine, and cider. We provide the highest quality alcohol-free beverages to our clients, eliminating their need for costly infrastructure and equipment, navigating complex regulations and licensing processes, and extensive development work.

Market trends show consumers moving toward healthier alternatives in lieu of traditional alcoholic beverages, as well as immense consumer interest in THC and CBD infused beverages. BevZero utilizes its core technology, resources, and years of experience to enable customers to capitalize on these trends and successfully enter the market with the highest quality non-alcoholic beers, wines, and ciders.

BevZero’s expertise in non-alcoholic beer, wine and cider stems from its sister company, ConeTech, which pioneered the process for the removal of alcohol without the slightest loss of aroma or flavor — these processes and techniques have been integral in the design and launch of BevZero’s proprietary GoLo technology.

BevZero’s team of winemakers, brewers, and food scientists have years of experience creating the highest quality low and no alcohol beverages and producing these beverages for the North American, European, and South African markets.

Our Services

Product Development

Create custom de-alcoholized products that meet your market needs.

De-alcoholization Services

Gently remove alcohol from beer, wine, or cider down to as low as <0.05% abv.

Bulk or Finished Product

From development and raw material sourcing to supply chain partner identification, BevZero can provide bulk or finished product for your infusion, branding, or white label needs.

De-alcoholization Technology

BevZero offers GoLo de-alcoholization technology for sale to wineries, breweries or distilleries.


GoLo De-Alcoholization

BevZero utilizes GoLo Technology, a proprietary cutting edge de-alcoholization technology engineered precisely for wine, beer, and cider by a team composed of the world’s foremost experts and operators of de-alcoholization facilities. GoLo technology removes alcohol from beverages to as low as 0.05% abv while retaining all flavor and aroma.

To learn more about GoLo Technology, please view our video.