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Today, BevZero equipment offers the most innovative design and functional operational efficiencies for dealcoholization of beverages.

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Benefits of BevZero Dealcoholization Equipment

  • Dealcoholization for Wine, Beer, Spirits, and Cider.
  • A Single Pass Process to separate 100% of the volatile compounds (the essence), dealcoholize as desired down to 0.05% abv and rectification of the alcohol fraction (up to 85% abv optional).
  • Reduced product losses as compared to other dealcoholization technologies due to a rectification of the alcohol.
  • Improved analytics of the finished dealcoholized product reducing finishing work necessary to produce high quality low and no alcohol beverages.
  • Improved economics/utilization, no waste stream, small footprint and a low capital cost.
  • No moving parts, low maintenance.
  • Minimal water use.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Dealcoholization – under 0.05% abv.
  • Automated CIP system


BevZero not only distributes but utilizes the vacuum distillation method for its dealcoholization processing.  This method is ideal because it can remove alcohol down to <0.5% – <0.02% ABV gently without loss of aroma or flavor.  The method involves heating the wine to allow the separation of alcohol and water based on differences in the boiling point; thanks to the very low pressure obtained in our equipment, the maximum temperature reached is no more than 48ºC. The alcohol evaporates and is captured separately from the remaining dealcoholized wine. This technology combines a vast surface area, low temperature, and minimal residence time to avoid any thermal damage or stress to the wine. To learn more about this method, view our multiple blogs.

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