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Have you heard the news? IWSR states that the global low and no-alcohol wine and beer market is forecasted to reach $13.3 – $23.4 BN by 2032.

Want to join in on this growing trend? We can help. BevZero’s global team of experts has helped launch numerous non-alcoholic products. We provide a variety of services from product development, management of supply chain, dealcoholization, and white or private label options.

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BevZero offers dealcoholization services, using vacuum distillation technology, for No- and Low- Alcohol beverages, down to <0.5% – <0.02% abv as desired.

White/Private Label

Need to go to market quickly without the hassle of product development, sourcing, bottling, or other unforeseen challenges? With BevZero’s white/private label program you will receive a high-quality dealcoholized wine, bottled and ready to add your label and fast track your brand to market.

Product Development

BevZero’s Product Development Package includes:

  • Product Conceptualization
  • Identification of quality base beverage
  • Up to 8 hours of in-person or remote development
  • Benchtop samples for pre-production market and business purposes
  • Nutritional Facts Panel for back label from a certified laboratory
  • Client owns formula upon completion

Project Management

BevZero offers assistance with managing your product production. BevZero’s Project Management Package includes:

  • Project planning and supervision of all aspects of production/packaging
  • Identification of all packaging materials and raw goods (excluding labels)
  • Identification of a trusted copacker and scheduling of packaging and production dates
  • Organization of all trucking needs

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