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White Labeling 101: What It Is, Why Do It, and Why BevZero

BevZero’s full-service white labeling capabilities bring your brand flexibility and scalability

With consumer demand increasing for no- and low-alcohol wines, BevZero has built out a strategic partnership with its California facility and Summerland Wines to offer complete private- and white-labeling services that will allow you to get your brand to market quickly. Whether you’re a producer looking for our white labeling services, or a retailer looking to build out a private label selection, BevZero’s full-scale formulation, manufacturing, production, and bottling capabilities have you covered. 

Matt Hughes, BevZero General Manager of U.S. Services explains, “We’ve designed the white label program to be a pathway for larger retailers and wholesalers to enter the nonalcoholic space. With BevZero acting as the producer and providing a turnkey product, it’s an amazing opportunity for our clients to capitalize on their existing customer bases and expand into new territory.”

BevZero also offers white and private label programs in our other country locations. For more information please reach out to

What is White Labeling versus Private Labeling?

BevZero’s white labeling services allow us to offer customers a fully formulated, high-quality dealcoholized wine, manufactured, bottled, and ready to be distributed with your brand’s label. Private labeling, on the other hand, is a product exclusively created for an individual retailer or outlet. These custom private-label formulations are also manufactured, bottled, and ready for labeling and distribution.

The advantages to each are speed to market, no hassle of sourcing, and removing lengthy, technical production delays, giving brands the ability to focus on what they do best – marketing, selling, and distributing their brands. Our high-quality formulations work well with current private label trends toward premiumization and can offer big profits – without production and manufacturing. 

A Look at the Market

Growing consumer interest in the low- and no-alcohol space has dovetailed with increased consumer acceptance of private selection retail offerings, offering brands looking to grow in these arenas a prime opportunity to capture a new consumer segment.  Recent findings have even shown that in market downturns, private-label wines are outperforming branded bottlings

BevZero’s white and private label customers are able to capitalize on these trends – and do so quickly, giving them scalable flexibility and execution in a rapidly growing market. 

If you are interested in learning more about white labeling options, give BevZero a call.