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At BevZero, we have been committed to supporting winemakers for over 30 years. Our comprehensive range of services are tailored to meet the unique needs of wineries, ensuring that they can produce exceptional wines consistently.

From our dealcoholization service that allows winemakers to make slight adjustments to the ABV of their wines without compromising flavor and quality, to our VA removal and stuck fermentation assistance, to crossflow filtration and much more, we are your trusted partner in the world of winemaking. Additionally, our locations maintain various quality certifications to ensure we maintain the highest standards in our processes. BevZero is dedicated to empowering winemakers to innovate, elevate, and thrive in the ever-evolving wine industry.

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Alcohol Adjustment

Reducing alcohol slightly as desired for product style preferences. With BevZero’s unique technology, only 10% of the total wine blend needs to be processed for each degree of alcohol reduction, and 90% of that wine is recovered during processing. Also unique to BevZero, wine does not need to be filtered and can contain a high percentage of solids.

  • BevZero offers complimentary tasting to determine the best final alcohol strength of the wine being adjusted (the Sweet Spot).
  • We can help with your low- and no-alcohol product questions. We provide a variety of services including product development, dealcoholization, and white or private label options.

Stuck Fermentation Services

BevZero can reduce the alcohol content of the fermenting must to a level at which the winemaker can re-start the ferment.

Juice Concentration

When sugar accumulation is low in the vineyard, BevZero can remove neutral water to 40 brix while allowing zero loss of flavors and aromas.

Sale of High Proof Alcohol

BevZero offers 60%, 70%, and 85% grape spirit.

  • Cleaning, Sanitation
  • Fortification
  • Product Creation

Wine Disposal

BevZero can dispose of unwanted/tainted wine and can accept transfers in bond from Bonded Wineries into our Distilled Spirits Plant.

FSO2 Removal

BevZero offers legal reductions of total FSO2 levels in wine down to 50ppm.

Crossflow Services

BevZero offers crossflow filtration down to 0.45 micron to be used in conjunction of reverse osmosis processing or before bottling.

VA Removal

BevZero offers VA removal services alone, or in conjunction with alcohol adjustment. Our technology is the highest quality available and incredibly selective. Nothing other than the unwanted acetic acid is removed.

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