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Oceano Non-Alcoholic Wine Case Study

Occeano Non-Alcoholic Wine

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Services: Dealcoholization

The Wine That Brings The Coast To You

Oceano Zero produces single-vineyard, single-vintage luxury wines sourced from the sustainably certified Spanish Springs Vineyard along the San Luis Obispo Coast. Oceano Zero was created because fine wine consumers’ tastes and preferences were not considered when it came to nonalcoholic wine.

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Oceano Zero embodies a pure, indulgent experience without compromising one’s health and wellness. It has only five calories per 5 oz. serving and one gram of total natural sugar. It is 100% luxury wine. No juice. Ever.

The Challenge

Oceano Zero sets out to prove that nonalcoholic wines can be created with the same artistic intention as traditional wines and distinguished by the same factors—climate, geology, geography, viticultural practices, and winemaking decisions.

The Solution

Oceano Zero utilizes the Spinning Cone Column process to remove the alcohol from its wines.

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The Results

Oceano Zero’s first vintage was our 2022 Pinot Noir, and we produced 88 bottles that sold out within three months. The second vintage, launched in April 2024, is our 2023 Chardonnay, where we produce 177 bottles. Oceano Zero’s upcoming vintages include a 2023 Pinot Noir and Syrah. The results produced beautifully complex single-vintage non-alcoholic wines under 0.5% ABV that offer all the thoughtful qualities and mouthfeel one would expect in any luxury wine.


The production of Oceano Zero’s first vintage began 2022 with a Pinot Noir and has since expanded to including a Chardonnay and Syrah. The growing period for the 2023 Chardonnay is April through October. After it is harvested, it undergoes cold barrel fermentation and is aged for 5 months in French oak barrels.


Notable Press Mentions

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