BevZero uses the most innovative equipment and operational efficiencies to ensure its customers receive the highest quality dealcoholized beverages.

As the global leader in alcohol and flavor management for over 30 years, BevZero has always prioritized quality. Quality, defined as the best service, using cutting edge technology and a team of experts to dealcoholize wine, beer, cider, spirits and other alcoholic beverages reducing by a small amount or all the way to 0.05% abv if desired, while preserving 100% of the natural aromas and flavors.

To ensure this quality BevZero uses only Very Low Temperature Distillation (VLTD) technologies including the Spinning Cone Column and most recently GoLo to remove alcohol.

Both the Spinning Cone Column (SCC) and GoLo Technology enable the highly selective and virtually total capture of completely undamaged fragile aroma/flavor compounds, and then alcohol as necessary, from any liquid. This is achieved by a combination of low temperatures, brief residence times, and very thin, turbulent films.

BevZero also distributes dealcoholization equipment. For more information view our Dealcoholization Equipment page.

Why GoLo

GoLo Technology

A new and improved VLTD option was developed based upon the operational and dealcoholization expertise of BevZero paired with the engineering and distillation expertise of Logichem in South Africa. GoLo technology not only ensures the same exceptional quality dealcoholization that BevZero has always delivered using the SCC, but as well offers many additional benefits including;

  • 100% capture of volatile aromas and flavor compounds, reduced residence time approximately 7 minutes, very low temperatures not to exceed 48C with a -90kpa vacuum, and reduced product losses during de-alcoholization due to a rectification of the alcohol.
  • A single pass process to remove essence, dealcoholize and rectify the alcohol.
  • Improved analytics of the finished dealcoholized wine reducing finishing work necessary to product quality low and no alcohol beverages.
  • Improved Utility utilization, no waste stream, small footprint and a low capital cost.

To learn more about the vacuum distillation technology that BevZero uses view our videos below.

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