Today, GoLo equipment offers the most innovative design and functional operational efficiencies for dealcoholization of beverages.


Why GoLo

Benefits of GoLo

  • Dealcoholization for Wine, Beer, Spirits, and Cider.
  • A Single Pass Process to separate 100% of the volatile compounds (the essence), dealcoholize as desired down to 0.05% abv and rectification of the alcohol fraction (up to 85% abv optional).
  • Reduced product losses as compared to other dealcoholization technologies due to a rectification of the alcohol.
  • Improved analytics of the finished dealcoholized product reducing finishing work necessary to produce high quality low and no alcohol beverages.
  • Improved economics/utilization, no waste stream, small footprint and a low capital cost.
  • No moving parts, low maintenance.
  • Minimal water use.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Dealcoholization – under 0.05% abv.
  • Automated CIP system

To learn more about GoLo Technology, please view our video.

Sold and Distributed exclusively through BevZero.

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