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PolarClad Insulation Testimonial – Michael-David Family of Wines

PolarClad Insulation – Testimonial

Adam Mettler, Winemaker – Michael-David Family of Wines

“By installing PolarClad Tank Insulation we have benefited in multiple ways. The most important benefits have been temperature control and the gain in chiller capacity. The heat generated from fermentation disappears much slower in tanks with the insulation. This has improved our speed of malolactic fermentations immensely. In the warm time of year the tanks are easier to cool and keep a more even temperature within the tank due to the reduction of direct sunlight. Cold stabilization is much easier. Not only does the system have to work less, but the tank can drop down to a lower temperature faster than tanks without the insulation. Another big factor is that the efficiency of the insulation took a huge demand off our chillers allowing us to further expand without again upgrading our chilling tonnage. For a company growing as fast as us, benefits like this are important.”

“In a time where everyone is trying to get greener and cut back on their energy needs, the reduction of energy use is important. By working with PolarClad in conjunction with PG&E, we have received rebates through PG&E averaging about 30% of the cost of installation. The aluminum shell is easy to clean and the insulation can’t be damaged by birds or other environmental elements.”

“The PolarClad team never gave me any reason to be unhappy, and the managers are very personable and easy to work with. They have been onsite multiple times and have never been hard to reach when needed. The installation team was friendly and always finished ahead of schedule. Any changes in plans or concerns along the way, they were happy to resolve. My first project with PolarClad Tank Insulation was for roughly 13 tanks, the second for 30 and a current project this December 2008 for 31 tanks. Year after year, we are continuing to use PolarClad as our tank insulation company and I would recommend them to any winery.”