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BevZero Equipment offers the Implen NanoPhotometer® NP80
All-in-one UV-Vis Spectroscopy for Wine and Spirits Quality Control.

Confirm product consistency and identify deviations during various stages of production.

Higher Precision: No dilutions needed / No calibration / Only small amount of liquid used

Save Time and Money: One time investment / No consumables / Maintenance Free

  • No dilutions required
  • Only a small amount of liquid needed for sampling (5 μl)
  • No reconditioning, no recalibration, no regular maintenance ever
  • World’s Smallest footprint in its class: 20 x 20 x12 cm
  • Stand-alone operation with built-in 7-inch glove compatible touch screen
  • Mobile use (battery powered)
  • Endless Connectivity (WIFI, HotSpot, LAN)
Implen NanoPhotometer NP80 lab

Comparisons of wine and spirits products using the Implen NP80

Comparison of spectral fingerprint scans performed on both authentic and counterfeit wine (A) and whiskey (B) samples. Samples were scanned over the entire wavelength range of 200-900 nm and the spectral fingerprints were analyzed by the Cognito software algorithm to identify the counterfeit products.

To see how the Implen NP80 works view the video below.

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