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Vinfoil Mixer Testimonial – Blossom Hill

Vinfoil Mixer – Testimonial

Sara Steiner, Winemaker – Blossom Hill – Diageo

“I highly recommend the VINFOIL Mixer as a fixed-in-place mixer for large volume tanks. It’s easy, fast, thorough and gentle on the wine.”

Energy Savings and Profitability Boost:

Time Savings: Circulation time for blending and mixing for Blossom Hill’s 350,000 gallon tanks was reduced from 12 hours to 30 minutes resulting in a very fast turnaround time.

Energy Savings: With the reduction to 30 minutes per blending cycle, energy use dropped from 202 kWh to 0.16 kWh.

Labor Savings: The VINFOIL requires no labor compared to a pump and hose set-up: No cleaning or sanitizing pumps and lines before and after circulation is needed.