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ISH Non-Alcoholic Wine Case Study


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Everyone deserves a drink

ISH offers one of the world’s broadest and most award-winning ranges of non-alcoholic wine, spirits and cocktails that all deliver on the experience we know and love, but with one major difference – no alcohol.



The Challenge

ISH is a Danish mindful drinking company, founded in 2018, offering a range of alcohol-free wines, spirits, and cocktails. The ISH intention is to make it easy for anyone to be a mindful drinker through high quality and authentic products.

BevZero began working with ISH to create an affordable, easy-going wine-based drink without alcohol but full of flavor and authenticity.

The Solution

BevZero conducted everything from product development to production. The ISH team only had to bring their idea and their tastebuds to our facility for a development session.

At the development session, we tasted the alcoholic wine, then the raw dealcoholized wine, and started building upon that. ISH had analyzed which parameters to improve before the development session, and with the BevZero team, we went through these parameters one-by-one until we were satisfied.

After the session, samples were sent to their headquarters to introduce the product to their external tasting panels and further tweak the final touches.


The Results

A non-alcoholic, approachable alternative to a sparkling white wine made with local Spanish grapes, called: Chateau del ISH Espumante.


The entire process took about one year from idea to finished product.