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Moderato Non-Alcoholic Wine Case Study

Moderato Non-Alcoholic Wine

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Services: Dealcoholization

Moderato was launched early 2021 by Fabien Marchand-Cassagne and Sebastien Thomas, who brought their talents together to pioneer a new low-no wine style. With Fabien’s experience in sustainable brand development, and Sebastien’s family heritage as Cognac producers, Moderato is a French-born brand striving to reconcile the pleasure of wine and responsible drinking. Visit Moderato on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Moderato Founders

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The Challenge

Moderato strives to produce the best nonalcoholic wines for people who are wine lovers – not experts. Moderato is for consumers whose drink of choice is wine, but who aim to better balance their alcohol intake. Our goal was to make nonalcoholic wine a major category in the overall wine segment.

The Solution

Three steps to develop the wines:
1. Spending a lot of time to taste and select the right wines: Selecting perfectly balanced and full-flavored wines, since not all wines dealcoholize equally.
2. Using BevZero’s GoLo technology to vacuum distill at low temperature to best preserve the wine flavors and ‘backbone’.
3. Blending and formulating with our winemaker to reach the right profile with the perfect balance and low calories.

The Results

Building a new style in wine with 0.0% alcohol, perfect balance and more than 40,000+ bottles sold in 2022. The brand is broadly recognized in France and is getting a lot of interest abroad (Europe, Canada, the Middle East, Asia…).


The project was initiated in Spring 2020, the company was created in September 2020 and first low-ABV cuvée was launched in January 2021. This year we are now fully shifting towards non-alcoholic.