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Reviving Stuck Fermentations

What are stuck fermentations, and how can BevZero help winemakers overcome them?

In the world of winemaking, few challenges are as frustrating and disheartening as a stuck fermentation. This phenomenon, characterized by yeast ceasing to convert sugars into alcohol, can result in off-flavors, decreased quality, and potential financial losses for winemakers. However, BevZero offers winemakers a service to overcome stuck fermentations, enabling them to salvage and enhance the quality of their wines.

Stuck fermentations can occur due to various factors, including nutrient deficiencies, high alcohol levels, and temperature fluctuations. The consequences of a stuck fermentation are far-reaching, impacting the sensory characteristics and marketability of the final product.

In cases where stuck fermentations occur because the alcohol levels in the wine become too high for the yeast to continue fermenting, BevZero can help with the use of their spinning cone columns. These columns swirl the wine inside a vacuum that rapidly but gently separates the alcohol while preserving the delicate flavors and aromas essential to the wine’s character.  By lowering the alcohol concentration, winemakers can create a more favorable environment for the yeast to restart fermentation.

BevZero accepts wines for its stuck fermentation service with high turbidity, if there are no heavy lees, grape skins, or seeds.  Additionally, BevZero does provide a separate VA removal service.  Please review our locations for more detail on service availability.  If you need help with a stuck fermentation contact BevZero at today.