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Starla Non-Alcoholic Wine Case Study


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Entrepreneurs and wine enthusiasts Dawn Maire and Jamie Coulter combined their collective talents of business and marketing with luxury fashion design and brand creative prowess to create Starla, the first and only premium alcohol-removed wine. Starla wine is deliciously and passionately produced for wine lovers who cannot or choose not to drink wine with alcohol. Starla’s award-winning trio of varietals: Red Blend, Sauvignon Blanc, and Sparkling Rosé are delicious for sipping, socializing, celebrating, and pairing.
Carefully harvested grapes and the finest quality botanicals result in a luscious, full-bodied wine with a fraction of the calories – and of course, none of the regrets.


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The Challenge

Starla needed to find a partner to assist in their efforts to create the ultimate luxury alcohol-removed wine. Starla chose BevZero based on its 30 years of experience in alcohol removal and industry expertise.

The Solution

BevZero and its team of expert winemakers, dealcoholized each of the Starla varietals allowing Starla to work through rounds of R&D to perfect their formulations. Once perfected, BevZero became Starla’s choice to remove the alcohol from their premium wines.

The Results

The result was an alcohol-removed version of the carefully selected trio of varietals: Red Blend, Sauvignon Blanc, and Sparkling Rosé.


The idea for Starla came at the end of 2019. BevZero was selected in July of 2020, and we were bottling by July of 2021. The wine is dealcoholized at BevZero and then shipped out for blending and bottling.



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