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The Benefits of Private Labeling for the non-alcoholic wine market

By selling your own private label or white label products, retailers, entrepreneurs, and brand owners can increase their profit margins with a unique offering.

BevZero offers both of these programs for the non-alcoholic wine market, offering a client the benefit of working with an expert team who can provide high-quality dealcoholized wine and streamlined production and co-packing options.

BevZero’s private label program allows the client to develop and own their own exclusive non-alcoholic wine product, while the white label program offers ready-to-go products on a non-exclusive basis. The choice really depends upon your needs.  If you’re interested in white labeling services reach out to the experts at BevZero. Their team is on hand to guide you through every step, from initial concept to packaging and marketing.

Let’s look at how BevZero’s private label wine program works:

  • Development and formulation: Create the non-alcoholic wine product you envision with the help of BevZero’s experts. Spend a day at BevZero blending products and ingredients to develop your brand. At the end you will own the formula including ingredient addition rates and chemical specifications.
  • Wine Sourcing: Determine a base wine profile with the BevZero team.  BevZero will then source the wine through its premiere bulk suppliers available worldwide.  It is important to source the right wine for the project in order to bring forth the wanted flavors and aromas.
  • Packaging: BevZero can help manage your packaging needs. Choose from different packaging options including bottles, closures, and capsules to enhance your unique brand.
  • Production and scheduling: The BevZero team will work with suppliers and co-packers to schedule and produce your product to meet your specifications. Upon completion, you will have a bottled product ready for you to market and distribute.

Private labeling is a great option that even small beverage companies that do not have enough resources to build state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities can utilize to bring products to the market quickly. BevZero’s Private Label program provides an opportunity for companies to offer unique products under their own brand name without worrying about sourcing ingredients and finding production partners.

Benefits of private labeling wine with BevZero include:

Increased Profitability

Companies that have private label wine can offer their products to their customers at a much lower price to increase sales (and potentially profitability).

Builds Brand Loyalty

The modern consumer isn’t afraid to experiment and is always seeking unique products, including beverages. Branding can give your beverage business an identity and help you attract new customers and retain the existing ones. Private labeling allows you to add a personalized touch to private-label wine, which is a great way to build an emotional connection with their target audiences.

Brand Control

Offering a Private label allows for greater control over branding and product specifications, and pricing.

Ease of entry to market

If, you decide to create a private labeled non-alcoholic wine with BevZero’s help you can be assured a streamlined process without the hassle and potential unforeseen costs of doing it all yourself.  BevZero has an established process from grape to bottle to ensure your experience is as easy as possible.  You just need to bring your vision and your creativity!

Ready to make a mark in the non-alcoholic wine industry? Reach out to us at Let’s create a non-alcoholic wine brand that’s as unique and ambitious as your business vision.

To learn the difference between our white and private label programsand which one is best for you, visit our white and private label web page.