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The Microbial Stabilization of Low and Non-alcoholic Beverages

BevZero Webinar Resources for the “Microbial Stabilization of Non-Alcoholic Beverages”



The no-low alcohol category continues to outperform its alcoholic counterpart, steadily increasing the total market share. With the emergence of this evolving category, it is critical that traditional alcoholic beverage manufacturers understand the production quality control and risks of working with de-alcoholized wine, beer, and cider. The emerging Gen Z and Millennial consumers are wanting functional, health-driven beverages, focusing more and more on ingredient labeling and inputs in the products they are consuming. These trends hold true for the demand for non-animal/plant-based, low chemical/additive input beverages with more distributors prohibiting classically used preservatives and ingredients. In this panel discussion, BevZero will be reviewing various microbial stabilization techniques for low and non-alcoholic beverages. We will be discussing with our global team in South Africa, Spain, and the United States, the consumer trends and demands in each of their unique markets and finishing with a discussion of emerging technologies for elaborating non-alcoholic beverages with quality sensory, improved shelf-life, and microbial stability.