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Sustainability and Our Equipment Offerings

How Our Equipment Offerings Provide Key Sustainability Improvements to Your Production Process                                       

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and best in class technology services, BevZero is proud to partner with equipment providers who make a meaningful contribution to our customer’s resource management. From energy and water reductions, to labor and time savings, these equipment offerings help our customers keep up with increasing consumer demand for their products.

Tank Mixers that Make an Impact

The Vinfoil Tank Mixer is an innovative mixing technology that reduces energy consumption by up to 80% compared to traditional mixers. Vinfoil Tank Mixer creates a powerful, high-velocity flow that mixes liquids quickly and efficiently – and less time processing means less energy used. Additionally, the Vinfoil Tank Mixer operates without moving parts, reducing the risk of mechanical failure and downtime, as well as offering labor and time savings.

“There’s no way we could’ve made harvest happen as successfully as we have without the use of these mixers,” says Jeff Collins, General Manager for Asti Winery. “We went from cold stabilizing our 50,000 gallon unseeded tanks over the course of 10-14 days to having them finish in under 48 hours, enabling us to finish 600,000 gallons faster and thus increase our production capacity.”

Temperature Controlled Success

The PolarClad Tank Insulation system is another sustainability-focused solution that BevZero offers. This technology is designed to maintain a stable internal tank temperature, reducing energy usage and improving product quality. Cladding tanks with PolarClad’s high-quality sustainable insulation materials will provide precise temperature control and energy savings up to 95%.


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