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PRESS RELEASE: BevZero Spain Launches GoLo Technology Alcohol Adjustment Services in Europe

VILLATOBAS, Spain, November 1, 2022: Beverage industry leader, BevZero, announced that their market-leading GoLo technology will be available for dealcoholization services based out of the BevZero Villatobas, Spain facility.

The high-efficiency, 2200 L/h GoLo unit is scheduled to be operational in early November. GoLo is the most advanced technology in the market today. The technology integrates the legacy multiple batch operations, into a single continuous and easy-to-use process, while offering a thin film creation system that functions with great efficiency and without moving parts. In a single pass, GoLo can achieve separation of nearly 100% of the volatile compounds (the essence), dealcoholize down to 0.05% abv, and rectify the alcohol up to 85% abv.  GoLo is also offered with an optional integrated degassing step.

GoLo is designed and manufactured by Logichem Process Trust, a creative engineering company from South Africa with extensive experience in dealcoholization. BevZero, previously ConeTech, utilized its 30-plus years of experience as the leader in alcohol and flavor management to provide application expertise and to enable the production of premium low and no alcohol beverages. The technology is self-contained and utilizes next-generation continuous thin film vacuum distillation which allows for extremely low temperatures, without the need for membranes, or pressure throughout the process. 

GoLo Benefits to Customers

With the addition of the 2200 L/h GoLo unit in Spain:

  • Customers receiving dealcoholization services will continue to see the same high-quality results. 
  • Customers will notice significantly better volume yield.
  • BevZero expects to provide a quicker delivery due to single pass process.

“This new technology reduces the alcohol but leaves more of the flavor and texture that we currently lose via spinning cone technology,” says Mark Nairn, the Director of Enological Projects at leading Cava firm Codorníu. “This means that we could have a lower-sugar, zero-alcohol product in the future, with more of its original wine flavors.”

BevZero CEO, Jerome Eckert-Nathan, says, “The global expansion of our equipment business is a key part of our strategy to support the growth of the no and low alcohol industry segment.”

Silvia Cedeno Daguerre, General Manager of BevZero Spain, says, “Bringing the GoLo Process Technology to Spain allows BevZero to provide the most innovative alcohol adjustment services to our clients.”

For more information on GoLo’s features and benefits visit Contact us to inquire about GoLo introductory pricing and to learn more about BevZero’s services and equipment.

About BevZero

Over the last 30 years, BevZero has established itself as a global leader in beverage services, equipment, and innovative solutions, offering its expertise, products, services, proprietary dealcoholization processes and equipment to companies worldwide. BevZero has facilities in Santa Rosa California, Villatobas Spain and Wellington South Africa.

For low-and-no alcohol beers, wines, and ciders, BevZero provides beverage development and production solutions including product formulation, supply chain management, exclusive access to advanced equipment, white label and private label products to service a wide range of global clients. 

Employing a team of dedicated winemakers, brewers, engineers, and scientists, BevZero is able to serve as a one-stop-shop for beverage brands of all sizes to take a product from brainstorm to bottle, producing the highest quality low and non-alcoholic beverages. 

For more information, visit the updated BevZero website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).