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BevZero’s PolarClad Tank Insulation Team Shows Community Support with Donation to Santa Rosa Junior College Shone Farm Winery

BevZero’s PolarClad Tank Insulation team has stepped forward to make a meaningful contribution to the Santa Rosa Junior College Shone Farm Winery. Recognizing the importance of nurturing local initiatives and fostering growth within the community, PolarClad has donated insulation for one of their wine tanks.

The Santa Rosa Junior College Shone Farm Winery, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Sonoma County, serves as an educational hub for budding viticulturists and enologists. With a focus on sustainability and hands-on learning, the winery provides students with invaluable experience in every aspect of winemaking, from vineyard to bottle.

Understanding the significance of proper equipment and infrastructure in winemaking endeavors, PolarClad saw an opportunity to contribute their expertise and resources. By donating insulation for one of their wine tanks, they aim to ensure optimal conditions for winemaking processes at the Shone Farm Winery, allowing students to further refine their craft and produce exceptional wines. Additionally, the donated insulation for the small wine tank will provide significant energy savings, allowing for more efficient temperature control during fermentation and storage processes.

“We are thrilled to support the Santa Rosa Junior College Shone Farm Winery in their educational endeavors,” said Blair Sande, General Manager at BevZero’s PolarClad Division. “As a company deeply rooted in the wine industry, we understand the importance of investing in the next generation of winemakers and empowering local communities. It is our privilege to contribute to their success.”

The donation of insulation for the wine tank underscores PolarClad’s dedication to fostering relationships and sustainability within the wine industry that benefit the community at large. By aligning their efforts with organizations like the Santa Rosa Junior College Shone Farm Winery, PolarClad continues to exemplify its commitment to making a difference, one partnership at a time.

“We are very grateful to the PolarClad team for their generous donation. This support not only enhances the learning environment for our students but also underscores the importance of collaboration within the wine industry.” – Pat Henderson, Winemaker at Santa Rosa Junior College Shone Farm Winery.

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