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BevZero: Enabling the production of the next generation of dealcoholized beverages with innovation and sustainability

In today’s increasingly health-conscious and environmentally aware society, the demand for premium beverages free from harmful additives and excess sugars is on the rise. In response to this growing trend, BevZero has emerged as a pioneer in the dealcoholized beverage industry, offering invaluable services and equipment designed to revolutionize the way beverages are produced.

Founded, over 30 years ago, on the principles of quality, innovation, and sustainability, BevZero is dedicated to providing beverage producers the tools and expertise needed to create exceptional products that meet the evolving preferences of consumers worldwide. With a comprehensive range of services and state-of-the-art equipment, BevZero empowers producers to elevate their offerings while minimizing their environmental impact.


BevZero Services

At the heart of BevZero’s offerings is its leading edge technology for alcohol removal. Utilizing vacuum distillation technologies, BevZero’s equipment can effectively remove alcohol from beverages without compromising taste or quality. This process allows producers to create alcohol-free or low-alcohol versions of their products, catering to consumers seeking healthier alternatives without sacrificing flavor.

In addition to alcohol removal, BevZero offers a suite of services to customers producing low-and-no alcohol products, including product formulation, supply chain management, dealcoholization, and white/private label products.  Special services are also available to help winemakers, such as alcohol adjustment and sweet spotting.


BevZero Equipment

BevZero distributes various types of equipment to help customers produce the highest quality products for their customers, including tank cladding, tank mixers, dealcoholization plants, and UV-Vis spectroscopy for quality control.

  • BevClad Tank Cladding: The tank cladding is the industry’s most sophisticated and leading insulation system which delivers up to 96.5% reduction in power usage.
  • Vinfoil Tank Mixers: With its unique impeller design, Vinfoil tank mixers improve winemaking processes, save energy and labor costs, and offer remote monitoring capabilities.
  • ClearAlc Deacloholization: BevZero offers ClearAlc vacuum distillation plants for dealcoholization which provide superior alcohol removal capabilities down to <0.5% – <0.02% abv and state-of-the-art aroma recovery.
  • Implen NP80 UV-Vis Spectroscopy: With the Implen NP80 UV-Vis Spectroscopy for Wine and Spirits quality control, product consistency and deviations can be identified at various stages of production with this high-precision tool.


One of BevZero’s key differentiators is its commitment to sustainability. Recognizing the environmental impact of traditional beverage production methods, BevZero has made sustainability a cornerstone of its approach.  All BevZero’s production facilities in the US, EU, and South Africa carry various quality certifications that ensure streamlined and efficient production processes, reducing waste of resources and materials, while delivering the highest quality products and services.  Newly implemented, BevZero’s Spain facility has recently installed solar panels that will offset its energy consumption yearly by 85% and just last year received the top environmental certification ISO 14001.

BevZero’s commitment to innovation ensures that its services and equipment remain at the forefront of the industry. The company is continually refining its technologies, services, and process, and exploring new opportunities for improvement. As a result, BevZero is able to offer clients the most advanced solutions available for dealcoholized beverages and equipment, empowering them to become leaders in their markets and meet the ever-changing demands of consumers.

As consumer preferences continue to evolve, BevZero remains committed to helping its clients thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace, delivering solutions that elevate both their products and their business practices.

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