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BevZero’s Wine Dealcoholization Service: 7 Things You Should Know

BevZero has been dealcoholizing wine for over 30 years. BevZero employs a team of dedicated winemakers, distillers, engineers, and scientists to assist our customers with creating the highest quality products. Read the 7 things below to learn more about BevZero’s dealcoholization service.

    1. BevZero uses thin film vacuum distillation method of dealcoholization. Vacuum distillation is a distillation performed under reduced pressure, allowing the separation of alcohol and water based on differences in the boiling points. This method involves heating the wine to a max temperature of 48C, which allows for the alcohol to evaporate and can then be captured separately from the remaining dealcoholized wine and returned at the end of the process.
    2. At this low pressure alcohol can be removed gently at low temperature, with little impact to the wines volatile aromas.
    3. BevZero’s technologies can capture the essence before removing the alcohol so that it can be returned to maintain the wine like character of the flavor and aroma.
    4. Short Residence Time — BevZero’s dealcoholization technology assures the fastest processing time in the industry, processing up to 1,000 gallon per hour (3.785 liters). This minimal residence time is what helps to avoid any thermal damage or stress to the wine.
    5. BevZero’s vacuum distillation technologies can process all varieties of wines, including fermenting juices and wines with dissolved CO2, and turbidity.
    6. No water is added in the process with vacuum distillation which makes it more sustainable than other methods.
    7. BevZero’s dealcoholization service can be used for the following:
      • For No Alcohol products removing alcohol down to <0.5% – 0.02% abv as desired. BevZero’s global team of experts helped launch dozens of non-alcoholic wines including assistance in the identification of the best wine, complete removal of alcohol and complete product development services as desired.
      • Lower alcohol beverages (4% abv to 10% abv). BevZero is proud to have been instrumental in the development and launch of the first lifestyle wines launched in the USA and UK and continues to work closely with wine producers launching new products in the growing category of lifestyle wines globally.
      • Full Alcohol Products: BevZero’s alcohol adjustment service reduces alcohol slightly as desired for product style preferences. With BevZero’s unique technology, approximately 10% of the total wine blend needs to be processed for each degree of alcohol reduction, and 90% of that wine is recovered during processing.

Note:  Some services may vary depending upon location. Contact us for more information.

For more information visit our webpage to view our FAQ’s about our dealcoholization service, or our blog on Choosing the Right Dealcoholization Method.