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BevZero Equipment Reduces Impact Due to Climate Change

Through its exclusive equipment, including GoLo Dealcoholization Technology, Vinfoil tank mixers, and PolarClad tank insulation, BevZero supports producers dealing with the effects and impacts of climate change.

The conversation around climate change and its effect on the winemaking and beer brewing industry is not a new one, but as each year passes, it feels like less of an abstract future and more of a lived reality. The state of California, where 81% of US wine production is based, is heading into a fourth year of drought conditions. Increasing restrictions on water use and the mounting occurrence of wildfires keep climate change at the front of our minds and highlight the need for course correction in consumption practices. On average, between 2.5 and 6 gallons (9.5L and 22.7L, respectively) of water are used (post-harvest) to produce one gallon (3.79L) of wine. Many winemakers are actively seeking ways to winnow this number down, and many climate-conscious producers of spirits and beer are taking a similar path.

“As things continue to move towards creating a sustainable brewing industry, brewers are now more than ever aware of the implications that they are placing on the environment,” notes Chris Anderson, Head of Brewing Operations for BevZero. “By utilizing a full recovery system, GoLo creates almost no waste product.”

The entire GoLo system is designed to ensure the greatest volume of finished product, while using less energy and creating the least amount of physical waste as possible. 

GoLo’s essence stripping intensity is adjustable to suit different feed materials and specific product requirements,” explains Irem Eren, Business Development and Sales Director at BevZero EMEA. “This allows for a single pass process to separate 100% of the volatile compounds (the essence), and dealcoholize as desired down to 0.05% abv, providing a more efficient alcohol stripping than competing evaporation-based processes.” 

The result is reduced product losses as compared to other dealcoholization technologies, with maximum recovery of the water component of the feed material, resulting in higher product yield while conserving the removed alcohol into a commercial strength saleable spirit.

“It’s a win-win for the client,” explains Anderson. “The dealcoholized NA product can be used for sale, and the byproduct–which is a high proof ethanol– can be used for other purposes like creating a hard seltzer, or RTD beverages.”

GoLo is often utilized as a seamless and valuable tool in a winemaker’s toolbelt as they face a warmer future. Winemakers around the world are grappling with the realities of warmer temperatures and shorter growing seasons, marked by riper fruit. 

“Despite harvesting early, grapes are hitting historically high levels of sugar, causing regions traditionally known for balanced wines to produce high alcohol “fruit bombs,” explains Kayla Winter, director of winemaking for BevZero. “Stylistically, these wines can be quite popular and have even emerged as a signature of California. But what happens when the thermostat keeps going up? Dealcoholization is another way to find balance in wines from particularly hot regions. For minor alcohol adjustments such as these, only a portion of the lot needs to be processed, leaving minimal sensory impacts on the final product.”

Winter shared some additional insights regarding the challenges that winemakers are facing in the scope of climate change and grape growing (you can read this article here). 

The Vinfoil mixer and PolarClad tank insulation offer additional means to save energy in the beverage-making process, where producers in warm climates spend an average of 60% of their energy bills on refrigeration alone.

“The Vinfoil Mixer has set the standard for efficiency in cold stabilization and large-volume tank mixing. Cold stabilization is achieved three times faster than the pump method with a total average energy savings of over 80%,” explains Todd Dicello, Equipment Sales Manager for BevZero. “And our PolarClad Tank Insulation is the industry’s most sophisticated and leading tank insulation system which delivers up to 96.5% reduction in power usage.”

Through BeZero Equipment’s focus on innovative technology and environmental impact, winemakers and brewers can have the confidence that they are being mindful of their carbon footprint and water usage. Reach out to BevZero for more information.