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The World of No-and-Low Alcohol: A 2 part lecture to support WSET diploma students

Irem Eren, Business Development and Sales Director of BevZero, hosted a voluntary lecture to support WSET diploma students about “The World of No-and-Low Alcohol”

  • Insights to key markets
  • Market and consumer trends
  • Legal definitions
  • Different methods of dealcoholization and how they influence the quality, style and price of the product
  • Variety of Product/Brand Examples
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A

Resource Links:

To Learn more about the services BevZero provides for the no and low alcohol industry, visit our webpage.

To Learn more abut dealcoholization visit BevZero’s dealcoholization service webpage.

This document is copyrighted by BevZero Holding Inc, 2023.