We’re Experts In The Field

BevZero’s extensive winemaking, brewing, and food science expertise provides streamlined and effortless supply solutions for non-alcoholic beer, wine, and cider, whether for conventional markets or North America’s emerging cannabis or hemp markets. BevZero clients have access to our global network of vendors for quality beer, wine, and cider, as well as access to licensed co-packers and water-soluble active ingredient vendors in the cannabis and non-alcoholic beverage industries.

Benefits of Working With BevZero

Speed to market
On-demand service instead of investment into costly infrastructure and equipment
Federal regulatory compliance
Experienced team (enologists, brew masters, chemists, and food scientists)
Proprietary processes and technologies
Relationships with North America’s best breweries, cideries, and wineries
Access to licensed cannabis and alcohol copackers
Access to vendors of water-soluble active ingredients derived from hemp or cannabis

BevZero: A Complete Solution

Our Process Flow

Step One

Introductory Meeting

Step Two

Development of Custom Product Formula

Step Three

Sourcing of Base Product

Step Four

Supply Chain Introductions

Step Five

De-alcoholization Service

Step Six

Final Packaging at Copacker


  • Formula Development
    • Non-alcoholic beer, wine and cider for conventional retail markets or for infusion with cannabis or hemp products
  • Vendor Identification
    • Critical supply chain vendor identification, coordination and introduction


  • Scheduling
  • Product Sourcing (optional)
  • De-alcoholization and manufacturing of beverage
  • Packaging at cannabis and beverage alcohol licensed partners