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Why PolarClad? Best in Class Technology That’s Better For Your Business

BevZero’s Signature PolarClad Tank Insulation Protects Wine Quality and Improves Businesses’ Bottom Line 

With inflation on the rise and delays across the supply chain driving prices up, BevZero knows that our customers are looking after their bottom line now more than ever. We are proud to help them experience dramatic reductions in power usage and associated costs when processing and storing wines with our signature PolarClad technology, a tank insulation system which keeps wines cool – without additional refrigeration. 

We had a chance to speak with Royden Keeley, General Manager of BevZero Equipment brand PolarClad, to learn more about PolarClad equipment. PolarClad Tank Insulation is a thermal barrier, or external paneling, consisting of a three inch-thick sheet of polystyrene foam with a durable skin of aluminum or stainless steel. PolarClad Insulation maintains an internal tank temperature, dissipates ambient heat, and offers a thermal barrier shell which is resistant to weather, birds, and pests. PolarClad’s panels can also be cut to the precise shape and curvature of each individual tank, and all materials are sourced and pre-fabricated in California. 

Royden Keeley Full

The PolarClad Difference

“A lot of tanks are refrigerated using glycol refrigeration, or ammonia. We insulate the tanks similar to how a hot water heater is insulated.” explains Keeley. “What PolarClad does is laminate expanded polystyrene onto aluminum or stainless steel. This cladding system keeps things more temperature stable, it takes less energy, and it can hold that temperature for an extended period of time.”

Another key differentiator, according to Keeley, is that PolarClad insulation offers a seamless, attractive finish that can be customized to meet touring facilities’ needs. “We know that aesthetics is something that our customers appreciate about PolarClad. Our finished product can look like whatever the customer wants. We offer stock colors and can also custom color match a building or use various finishes of stainless steel,” continues Keeley.

While the looks are a bonus, the real benefit lies in the energy savings offered by installing PolarClad Insulation. “The most obvious benefit is energy savings,” says Keeley. “It’s pretty drastic the savings someone can experience by adding PolarClad to any type of normal tank,” he continues, citing that customers can expect to see a 96.5% reduction in energy costs when compared to traditional refrigeration storage. 

“There are lots of other fringe benefits that go along with that too,” continues Keeley. “Your existing refrigeration equipment doesn’t have to work as hard, making it last longer and require less preventative maintenance, or perhaps allow expansion of the tank farm without having to invest in new or additional refrigeration equipment.” 

While these energy-saving qualities boost customers’ bottom line, they also offer environmentally friendly benefits that speak to sustainably minded producers and contribute to a higher quality finished product. PolarClad’s energy reduction is not only good for the environment, but the system’s materials are also sustainable, 100% recyclable, free of HCFC, dyes and formaldehyde, and can contribute to businesses’ LEED credits.

Keeley also recognizes that increased fire activity in key wine production regions may result in rolling blackouts and ongoing power outages. “It’s a great peace of mind for many of our customers to know that in case the electric company shuts the power off and they have a full tank of wine, the PolarClad-insulated tank can hold that temperature for a week or two.”

For those who want an eco-friendly way to save both the environment and their wallet, contact the BevZero team to learn more about what solution may be right for your business.