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Optimizing White Wine Fermentation and Solids Feeds with Vinfoil Mixers

The Vinfoil Wine Tank Mixer plays a crucial role in enhancing the white wine fermentation process and efficiently feeding solids to centrifuges. Here’s how it helps in both areas:

White Wine Fermentation

  • Gentle Mixing: The Vinfoil mixer operates at a low speed, providing gentle agitation to the fermenting juice. This gentle mixing ensures that the solids, also known as lees, remain in suspension throughout the wine fermentation process. This consistent suspension of lees can enhance the wine’s flavor and texture by promoting better contact between the juice and the lees.
  • Controlled Wine Fermentation: By keeping the lees suspended, the Vinfoil mixer helps maintain a uniform temperature and fermentation rate within the tank. This uniformity can prevent hot spots and uneven fermentation, leading to a higher quality end product.
  • Brix Monitoring: The Vinfoil mixer assists in achieving the desired Brix level, which measures the sugar content of the juice. By ensuring even fermentation, winemakers can accurately monitor and control the Brix level, halting fermentation at the optimal point to achieve the desired wine characteristics.

Feeding Solids to Centrifuges

  • Consistent Suspension: The Vinfoil mixer’s ability to keep solids in suspension is also beneficial when feeding solids to centrifuges. Consistent suspension ensures that the solids are evenly distributed while being fed into the centrifuge, which can improve the efficiency of the separation process.
  • Reduced Settling: By preventing solids from settling on the bottom of the tank, the Vinfoil mixer ensures a steady and continuous flow of solids to the centrifuge. This reduces the need for manual intervention and can improve the overall efficiency of the winemaking process.
  • Improved Clarification: Effective feeding of solids to centrifuges helps in better clarification of the wine. The centrifuge can more efficiently separate the solids from the liquid, resulting in a clearer and more refined final product.

In summary, the Vinfoil Wine Tank Mixer enhances white wine fermentation by promoting even fermentation and optimal lees contact, while also improving the efficiency of feeding solids to centrifuges, leading to better clarification and overall wine quality.  To learn more about how the Vinfoil Tank Mixer can help with your white wine fermentation email us at:

Vinfoil Tank Mixer – Configuration Options

Vinfoil Impeller options:
  • VINFOIL-RTF4 suitable for gentle blending. Top or side entry mounts.
  • VINFOIL-P suitable for additive mixing. Top entry mount.
Vinfoil Mixer Configurations include:                                                                 
  • Wide size range from small boutique wineries to large scale operation
  • Top, side, and bottom tank entry points, and portable tank mixers
  • Retractable mixer to conduct maintenance with full tank
  • Explosion protected motor available
  • Various seal options (mechanical, lip, hydraulic, etc.)
  • Special mixer for operating under high pressure (Charmat method)
Compatible with any Automation System
  • Capable of being networked for remote monitoring, alarming, and process control
  • Create timed mixing schedules
  • Activate mixing based upon temperature stratification in tank


For more information about the Vinfoil Mixer and its applications:

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