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Vinfoil Mixers for blending bentonite additions during the winemaking process

Adding Vinfoil Mixers to your tanks can be a valuable tool in assisting with Bentonite additions during the winemaking process. Bentonite is a type of clay that is commonly used in winemaking as a fining agent to clarify and stabilize the wine by removing unwanted particles and proteins. When added to the wine, Bentonite particles can form a gel-like structure that traps these impurities and allows them to settle out.

Vinfoil mixers unique blade design allows for gentle yet powerful blending, improving flow rate and increasing tank turnover, thus ensuring uniform mixing and product consistency.  Whether you are adding bentonite directly to the wine tank, or mixing it in a separate tank and then adding it to the wine, thorough mixing is necessary and there is a Vinfoil solution for you.

Here’s how a Vinfoil tank mixer can help with Bentonite additions:

  • Homogeneous Blending: Bentonite is typically added as a powder to the wine. Without proper blending, Bentonite particles may clump together and form uneven distributions in the wine, leading to inefficient fining. The Vinfoil mixer ensures that the Bentonite is thoroughly and evenly dispersed throughout the wine, maximizing its effectiveness in binding with unwanted substances.
  • Faster Activation: Bentonite needs time to fully hydrate and form its gel structure. Blending can expedite this process by increasing the contact between Bentonite particles and the liquid, helping it hydrate more quickly and become fully activated. This is crucial for effective fining, as hydrated Bentonite is more efficient at removing particles from the wine.
  • Consistent Results: Proper blending ensures that each batch of wine receives a consistent amount of Bentonite, leading to consistent fining results across different batches. This is important for maintaining the quality and characteristics of the wine, as well as meeting desired production standards.
  • Reduced Settling Time: Well-mixed Bentonite distributes evenly within the wine, which can lead to a more efficient settling process. The particles are more likely to settle uniformly, making the racking or filtration process faster and more effective.
  • Minimized Risk of Over- or Under-Fining: Even distribution of Bentonite helps prevent over-fining (which could strip the wine of desirable components) or under-fining (which could leave the wine with unwanted impurities). Proper blending ensures that Bentonite is optimally utilized for achieving the desired clarity and stability without negative impacts on the wine’s quality.
  • Labor and Time Savings: Mechanized blending with a Vinfoil tank mixer can save significant time and labor compared to manual mixing methods. This is especially beneficial for large-scale winemaking operations where efficiency is key. Vinfoil Mixers are compatible with any automation system, making operation even easier.

The Vinfoil mixer is designed specifically for the wine industry to create the right flow patterns by generating maximum exit velocities and transferring maximum axial flow patterns into the tank with minimum turbulence. It is a low shear device, utilizing less power requirements than any other impeller, and as a result, Vinfoil provides a thorough yet gentle mixing of wine.  State-of-the-art process calculation and modeling tools are used in the custom development of each mixer, and combined with decades of design experience, each mixer is designed to the customers’ tank and specifications. Vinfoil mixers will not only benefit the winemaking process but will save you time and money.

Configuration Options

Vinfoil Impeller options:

  • VINFOIL-RTF4 suitable for gentle blending. Top or side entry mounts.
  • VINFOIL-P suitable for additive (including bentonite) mixing. Top entry mount.

Vinfoil Mixer Configurations include:                                                                 

  • Wide size range from small boutique wineries to large scale operation
  • Top, side, and bottom tank entry points, and portable tank mixers
  • Retractable mixer to conduct maintenance with full tank
  • Explosion protected motor available
  • Various seal options (mechanical, lip, hydraulic, etc.)
  • Special mixer for operating under high pressure (Charmat method)

Contact BevZero today to learn more about the Vinfoil mixer and how it can help your business!