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PRESS RELEASE: BevZero Announces Full Range of Service Offerings Supporting the No- and Low- Alcohol Space

Leading alcohol and flavor management services company BevZero builds on its success to offer new services.

SANTA ROSA, Calif., January 18, 2022: Beverage industry leader BevZero has announced a new suite of services that build on its 2021 rebranding and organizational enhancements in support of the growing no- and low- alcohol space.

BevZero is now offering end-to-end product services to ensure extraordinary outcomes for its clients. They provide support across their six step process flow, including product development, formulation, fulfillment, and support across the supply chain, including product sourcing and packaging.

In addition to BevZero’s extensive winemaking, brewing, and food science expertise, these services provide streamlined solutions for the non-alcoholic beer, wine, and cider markets. They also support the growing functional beverage and hemp- and cannabis-infused categories.

BevZero CEO Debbie Novograd says, “Our plan to focus on innovation and build on our strong history and capabilities is coming to fruition in 2022. It’s exciting to see the no- and low-alcohol trend take hold across the globe, and we’re proud to continue providing our customers the tools they need to tap into this market.”

With the global no- and low- market expected to grow by more than thirty percent by 2024, BevZero is positioning itself for the category’s future needs and will continue to evolve alongside the segment to provide its customers best-in-class services.

About BevZero

BevZero is a global leader in beverage services, equipment, expertise and innovative solutions.

BevZero offers its expertise, products, services, and proprietary dealcoholization processes and equipment to companies worldwide. BevZero is headquartered in Santa Rosa, California with additional locations in Spain and South Africa.

From non-alcoholic beers and low alcohol wines to rapidly aged spirits and cannabis infused drinks, BevZero uses its expertise in formulation, supply chain management and exclusive access to advanced equipment to service a wide range of global clients fulfilling their needs across all stages of beverage development.

Employing a team of dedicated winemakers, brewers, distillers and scientists, BevZero is able to serve as a one-stop shop for beverage brands of all sizes to take a product from brainstorm to bottle, producing the highest quality low and non-alcoholic beverages. 

For more information, contact BevZero.