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PRESS RELEASE: BevZero Announces Appointment of Jerome Eckert-Nathan as CEO

SANTA ROSA, Calif.July 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Beverage industry leader, BevZero, announced today a key change to management that furthers its strength as a leader in the dealcoholization and no and low alcohol beverage segment.

Long-time BevZero leader and industry expert, Jerome Eckert-Nathan, President and Chief Operating Officer, has transitioned into the role of Chief Executive Officer. Eckert-Nathan fills the vacated position of Debbie Novograd, who recently resigned from the company for personal reasons. Novograd was critical in the growth of BevZero over the last several years, including rebranding of the company to BevZero, focus on beverage innovation, expansion of the core team, and addition of new service offerings including the White Label program.

Eckert-Nathan has vast international experience and was instrumental in the expansion of BevZero European operations to take advantage of the significant no and low trends and equipment needs and exclusive distribution deals for the equipment side of the business. He will be leveraging his expertise and learnings to build the global strategy for the next phase of BevZero’s growth.

Eckert-Nathan says, “I’m excited to lead the BevZero team into the next phase of growth. We will continue to leverage our global expertise and local insights to partner with our clients in the no and low space providing unique and innovative solutions to support their needs.”

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