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PolarClad Insulation Testimonial – Simi Winery

PolarClad Insulation – Testimonial

John Pritchard, Director of Operations – Simi Winery

“Wine tank insulation from PolarClad is always a thing of beauty.  Their workmanship is beyond the ordinary and more toward the extraordinary.  Every tank we had insulated from PolarClad has been done with extreme care and their craftsmanship is excellent.  We had several tanks done in stainless steel so that they wouldn’t stick out from our other tanks.  They look exactly like our other stainless steel tanks.”

“Wine tank insulation is great if you are going to use your tanks for cold stabilization or for long periods of time where you need to keep the tank cold. When we cold soak red fermenters our temperatures stay consistent and we save enormous amounts of energy from heat loss. We also insulated a tank where we need to keep the tank warm for long periods of time.  On that particular tank PG&E gave us a rebate that was close to a third the price of the insulation.”

“Working with the PolarClad team has been a dream. They listen extremely well and take all our concerns to heart.  They work around our schedule.  The quality of their installations is extremely good.  When they finish a job they have us go over the installation and make sure it is satisfactory to our needs before they leave the job site.

I would recommend PolarClad Tank Insulation to any winery that is in need of insulating their tanks. Their employees are friendly and very courteous.”