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How important is technology in the wine and spirits industry? What are some of the technologies you are using in your company?

Technology is vital for enabling the wine and spirits industry to continuously innovate. The wine and spirits industry is very traditional in its thinking. However, there are ways technology can play a significant role, from automation in farming and production, to bottling operations and distribution. It is especially important to consider technology to keep up with the current market trends, such as RTD’s, infused products, functional beverages, additives, and even the trend toward healthier, lower calorie and non-alcoholic products. Here at BevZero we use and distribute multiple technologies.

Our main focus, and the heart of our company and expertise is dealcoholization, where we offer both service and equipment. The dealcoholizaton services range from stylized alcohol adjustments to complete alcohol removal down to <0.5% – 0.02% abv from wine, cider, and spirits. The technology we prefer and find most effective is low temperature vacuum distillation. It allows for the gentle extraction of volatile chemicals (in this case, alcohol and/or aromas), using a combination of low temperatures and brief residence times to produce the desired result and thus better preserve the product integrity. Because delivering the highest quality services and equipment to our customers is important to us, we believe it’s critical to continuously refine our technologies and processes while staying ahead in this competitive industry.