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Consuming Cannabis Through Drinkables

Cannabis Beverages Have Become an Alternative to Alcoholic Beverages

October 18, 2021 by BevZero Staff

As cannabis becomes more mainstream and consumers increasingly turn to lower alcohol options, a new cannabis beverage consumer is emerging, low dose infused beverages. And with consumers driving interest in low-dose, sociable cannabis products, the buzz around cannabis beverages is gaining traction and paving the way for a variety of new products to come to market. Here’s what you need to know about this growing segment and its consumer. 

Cannabis Infused Beverages: A Viable Alternative

Just a few years ago, you could tell from the first sip if your drink had cannabis in it. Thankfully, technology and innovation has been moving at a lightning fast pace since legalization in markets such as California, and we have some good news…cannabis beverages don’t taste like weed anymore! 

Not only do THC-infused drinks now taste delicious, but they are quickly becoming a preferred method of consuming cannabis for many, especially those whose health concerns keep them away from classic consumption like smoking and vaping. But there are a few other key reasons cannabis drinkables offer a unique experience that will appeal to a wide variety of consumers: onset/offset, consistency, and sessionability. 

Onset Solutions

So many have faced the age-old dilemma: Eat a pot brownie, be unsatisfied with the effects before they’ve kicked in, eat some more, then be over-sufficiently stoned for hours on end. Thankfully, cannabis beverages don’t necessarily have the same delayed effect. While edibles are processed through your stomach and liver, cannabis beverages allow cannabinoids to be absorbed through the mouth, esophagus and stomach lining. Because these cannabinoids do not need to be metabolized through the liver and enter the bloodstream much earlier in the digestive system, cannabis beverages can offer a rapid onset. You may expect to feel the effects of a cannabis-infused beverage within just a few minutes, compared to 45 minutes or more with edibles. 

Low Dose Options

Another benefit of THC beverages is that the majority of drinks available in the marketplace contain no more than 3mg of THC per serving, which is called a microdose. Cannabis edible experts know that less is more in most cases, and the majority of consumers don’t want to be immobile every time they consume, so microdosed options give consumers – especially the cannacurious! – more control over their experience.. Manufacturers of cannabis products intended to be microdosed say that they take the edge off without producing an overwhelming high. 

Entourage Effect of Cannabinoids

Another aspect that contributes to the pleasant experience of consuming cannabis beverages is the combined effect of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. Known as “the entourage effect,” when multiple cannabinoids are presented in the same product, they work synergistically to produce a more balanced overall effect. According to HealthLine, “Some people experience side effects like anxiety, hunger, and sedation after taking THC. Rat and human studies covered in the same 2011 review suggest that CBD may help reduce these side effects.” 

How BevZero Fits In

Cannabis-infused beverages may not be made with alcohol, and it is not recommended that the consumer combine these two inebriants. BevZero works with clients to remove alcohol from beers, wines, and ciders, as well as formulate well-balanced blends reflective of these categories’ signature flavors and aromas. The BevZero team of experts and equipment is uniquely positioned to serve these brands and develop best in class products.