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AL’s NA Beer



AL’s is a classic American non-alcoholic beer for people who enjoy drinking…without the alcohol. Drinking a cold beer is one of life’s simple pleasures, However, more and more people want to cut down on alcohol for wellness. A few years ago, AL’s co-founder Alban decided to see what life could be without drinking but as a beer lover, he struggled to find a decent drink. Because none of his favourite dive bars carried a single non-alcoholic beer he decided to take the matter into his own hands by launching AL’s.

A great tasting easy drinking brew to enjoy all of life’s social and celebratory moments without the booze. Bevzero was tasked by AL’s to combine that classic American easy drinking lager feeling Alban was missing with the high quality standard of the German style Pilsner he loved growing up in Switzerland.

The Challenge

To build a classic American non-alcoholic easy drinking lager with the quality of a German Pilsner. Advisory and production services to handle the process end to end, including, Product Formulation & Testing, Dealcoholization, Packaging and Bottling.

AL s Classic 1

The Solution

We took Al’s No Alc Beer through our, BevZero Proprietary Product Development Advisory Process. In addition to our comprehensive process, BevZero additionally supported in package and labelling support, dealcoholization of product.



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