Peter Burford

Winemaker & Product Advisor

Peter began his career in McLaren Vale in 1989 working as a cellar hand at d’Arenberg Winery-one of Australia’s premier wineries. He then attended Roseworthy Agricultural College where he studied Oenology, and four years later returned to d’Arenberg as Assistant Winemaker. After years of learning the nuances which define Old Vine Shiraz, Peter travelled to Northern California to discover Syrah, experimenting for nearly five years at Alexander Valley Vineyards with different vinification techniques. Peter continued to travel and after completing two harvests in Thailand, he returned to the USA as a winemaker for Vinovation, Inc. For nearly ten years he separated beverages on a molecular level, dealcoholized beverages via reverse osmosis/continuous column distillation and researched the relationship between alcohol, volatile and non-volatile compounds. This melting pot of innovation, research and development continues at BevZero, inspiring Peter to utilize his years of experience in the formulation and bottling of Alternative Adult Beverages, adding depth to the already experienced team.